Facebook campaign

 Cameo® on Facebook!

The main Cameo® Facebook advertising Campaign takes place from January to May which is when most of the variety is currently sold in UK supermarkets and other retailers. The objective is to raise consumer awareness of the variety and its great eating qualities, thereby increasing demand and sales.  A secondary lower level Campaign operates from September to December aimed at retaining consumer awareness prior to the start of retail sales.

The Campaign uses short videos to link Cameo® with major events that are generating high levels of public popularity in order to highlight the benefits of eating Cameo®, its eating qualities and remarkable storage life as well as availability and major retail stockists. Examples of events that have been used in the past are “Dancing on Ice”, “Game of Thrones” and “Seven Worlds, Our Planet” by David Attenborough. This creative and innovative approach entertains, amuses and informs whilst capturing the attention of a large audience of apple buyers.