Cameo smoothies, your way

Servings: 4 Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 2 mins


The base of a Cameo smoothie is – good handful of ice, 2 Cameo apples, cored and sliced & a squeeze of lemon juice (and a dash of good apple juice to thin it out slightly)


These are the additional ingredients Cameo fans thought would be good to add –
I would add cinnamon, pears and a little Greek yoghurt. – Katherine De Riera

 Apple juice, banana and fresh ginger. Amazing – Sue Hall
 I would add banana and fresh strawberries ♡ – Marjoleine Kok

 I would add mixed frozen berries – Sue Harrison
i would add blueberries, raspberrries, strawberries x – Jackie Cooper
Ginger, kale and banana – Melissa Cannon

 I’d add banana and apple – Carol Boffey

I would add some cinnamon spice and peach chunks to the mix. – John Myers

I would add a dash of lemon and some blueberries. – Jenny Chalk

 Black currant and raspberry – Mary Pennell