Christmas in a glass

Servings: 1 Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 5 mins


for one glass (& see if you can rustle up a cocktail shaker so you can impress people)

30ml of good aromatic Gin (we like Hedricks, Conker or Anno)

10ml Grand Marnier (or the M&S orange and brandy liquor)

cinnamon sugar &a cinnamon stick

30ml Cameo apple juice

60ml of good aromatic tonic (we love Fever tree mediterannean)

Twist of orange peel


Run a slice of orange around the top of your glass & dip it in the cinnamon sugar

Mix the gin, grand marnier and apple juice in the cocktail shaker, shake it well

Strain over ice into your glass, pop in the cinnamon stick and garnish with the twist of orange peel